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Dana & Krisanna

Dana Croschere

Dana Croschere is an award-winning producer celebrated for her compelling documentaries that intertwine personal transformation and healing.


Overcoming personal adversities, including two major spine surgeries and chronic pain, Dana's journey led her to a deeper self-understanding and resilience, beautifully captured in her film "Love Heals."


Her passion extends beyond filmmaking to over 15 years of volunteering in equine-assisted services, a testament to her belief in the therapeutic power of the horse-human connection.


This experience inspired her latest work, "Rescued Hearts," a documentary currently in production that promises to explore and celebrate this unique bond.

Dana's films are not just stories; they are beacons of hope and healing, reflecting her commitment to spreading love and positivity.


Krisanna Sexton

Krisanna Sexton, an award-winning director, knows firsthand the power that comes from embracing our authenticity.


Although she has been a filmmaker since the age of 16, she didn't come out as gay until she was 28. As she began her journey toward love and acceptance of herself, she also discovered her potential to create conscious films.


Her most recent film success, "Love Heals," has received acclaim across international boundaries and will soon be released on PBS & GAIA. This documentary stands as a testament to Krisanna's ability to touch hearts and minds through her heartfelt storytelling. Her work on "Rescued Hearts" promises to be a continuation of her mission to inspire and heal through the medium of film.


Renowned for her multifaceted skills, she expertly handles all aspects of cinematography, editing, audio mastering, and color correction.

Krisanna believes our stories have the power to change the world and remains committed to spreading hope and healing through the films she creates, working alongside the love of her life, Dana.

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